Saturday, April 18, 2015

Length Check

This post is waaaaay overdue but better late than never. As you all know I was intending on cutting my hair at the end of April, but I just could not wait any longer and ended up doing a major trim on March 30th. Every time I washed or detangled my hair I noticed the that the ends of the lower right corner of my hair were much thinner than on the left side, it looked as if parts of my hair had broken off.  And when I ran my fingers through that section of my hair it felt really brittle like someone had been chewing on my ends. So they had to go….


On the first two pictures my hair was a little dryer on the right side but hopefully you can see the difference. The bottom two pictures are after I flat ironed my hair. You can really see how much thinner the right side is. 045

All in all I think I cut about 2-3 inches off  (or maybe more). I went from my hair being just below my bra strap to a length above my bra strap.


I think I may have to cut more, until then I am going to pay extra attention on that section of my hair and figure out to protect my ends besides protective styling. I am really happy to see my #struggleends go. My hair has more of a bounce now!



  1. Your ends definitely look better, I found that I had a lot of breakage when I started texlaxing my hair, the relaxed ends were falling off. It's always hard to cut so much of your hair off, but I can see the life in your hair :D happy journey

  2. Your hempline looks alot better. I felt so good when i cut my thin ends off as well. Happy growing!

  3. You did a great job with your cut, your hair looks a lot healthier.

  4. Great cut! Your ends look great!
    I am trying to stay away from the scissors myself but it's so hard! I want my hair to just get to where I want it so I can start cutting back for the thickness I'm craving!

  5. Nice job Harlem. Why do you think that side of your hair has more damage?

  6. Smart move, you hair looks really good. You did it all by yourself? I can never get such an even result by myself.

    PS Nominated you for a Liebster award on my latest post. Enjoy!

  7. It's always hard parting with those ends. We all know the struggle but it's always such a relief when they are gone! Your hair looks great, but this was in April. We need an update ma'am! LOL ;) Hope all is well!

    Andrea @

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    1. Awww thanks KLP... LIFE has definitely gotten in the way, I'll be back though!!!!

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