Sunday, November 9, 2014

Every Journey Needs a Plan

I figured out why I’ve been so overwhelmed by my hair journey. For one, I have not remained consistent with even the simplest parts of the “regimen” I have created--- the only thing that I consistently do is wash my hair (thank God for the #WashDayExperience). Secondly, I’ve gotten so tied up with the exciting things that seem to be happening with everyone else’s hair (transitioning, chopping, etc.) that I completely ignore what I need to be doing with my own.

So now of course I completely understand why it seems like I’ve lost my way. To be honest, I don’t think I ever set out a clear path. When I first started my journey and even up into this last week, I had no direction at all--- I just wanted long hair.

goal_without_a_plan41                                                              (Image)

Long terms goals are great when it comes to the bigger picture but I believe the best way to get there is to set up short-term goals--- they are attainable and will definitely keep me on track to getting the hair I really want:

  • FIND OUT WHAT WORKS: Beginning next week, I’ll be doing a series of posts showing you what’s actually in my product stash and weeding out the products that have not worked for me. This is crucial and it will help me accomplish my other goals. If I cannot do this I will forever be wandering aimlessly on this journey.
  • Revamp my regimen and stay on track with it: I want to somewhat simplify my regimen. I truly get bogged down with the amount of steps when it comes to my Wash Days and other things. I think that starts out with me actually saying “hey, this is the amount of effort that I am willing to put into my hair.” If I can do that, then I know I will be more consistent and everything won’t seem like a chore.
  • Limit product purchases: You never know if a product is working if you don’t use it consistently and that has been an issue for me. One week I am loving a product and the next week I’m on to the newest shiny thing on the block. Sorry, I’m an Aries who gets bored easily so buying and trying out new products is exciting. So in an attempt to curb my inner PJ, I am going to avoid the hair care aisle and stick to the products that have been working #girlscoutpromise. But that does NOT mean that I’m tossing out my Black Friday list.
  • Moisturize and Seal: This is something that I have been slacking on since the summer, I am going to be aiming to moisturize and seal every other day. I think the cold weather will force me too so…
  • Figure Out What’s Going on With My Nape…and make a plan: I have not even looked at my nape since my touch up but I fear that it is more janky looking than before. I have to quickly assess the damage and figure out how to improve it.

I am looking forward to see how my hair progresses and of course I’ll keep you updated. Thank you ladies for being so encouraging and supportive, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know I have amazing women in this journey with me.


  1. I so totally feel you on this post, Harlem. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my hair journey. I want to cut it some days. I want to transition each time right before I relax again. And I get so distracted in awe of everyone else's hair on social media. These last couple of weeks I've been re-evaluating my journey as well. I brought my hair journey journal back out (I haven't written in the thing in months smh) and I hope to get a better handle on my hair health.

    Thanks for sharing your honesty in this post! I wish you the best in your journey and can't wait to read your updates!

  2. I really like this post, Harlem. I need some long term goals too. My goals are focused on the short-term (reducing breakage). I also need to be consistent. I constantly want to try new products but I have things that work for me. I know consistency is key. I wish you all the best as you start this new phase in your hair journey.

  3. I agree and these are great goals! I just wrote my new year goals, so I'm feeling this post. Tackling the nape is also one of my biiig goals so I'm interested to see how you're going to move forward with growing that area.