Monday, October 13, 2014

Battling Breakage

These past two weeks I have noticed a significant amount of breakage at the line of demarcation. I have a lot of fuzzy regions at the crown of my head and in areas where I frequently part my hair. Breakage is never a good thing, but I know that the cause of my breakage is ---me.

The main cause of my breakage has to do with how I am handling my hair. Here’s what I plan to do to bounce back:

  1. Be gentle: Patience is something that I have always lacked. Sometimes I get frustrated when trying to detangle my hair and I end up having more hair casualties than needed.
  2. Finger Detangle: This is something fairly new for me, although I have heard many bloggers using this method I just could not get into it. Even though I only use wide tooth combs I plan on completely putting them away during the week and leaving full detangling sessions for Wash Day which may turn into every other Wash Day.
  3. Switch up the way I am parting my hair:  Self explanatory. Most of the time I part my hair into the traditional four sections. I just have to stop that.
  4. Protective Styles: Most of my damage is caused from over manipulating my hair. I love, love braid-outs, but can you believe that to maintain them throughout the week I re-braided my hair every night?! So TTYL braid/twist-out and Hello (again) buns!
  5. Moisturize and Seal (M&S): Your probably scratching your head on this one, but breakage can also be cause by dry hair. To be honest, this whole summer my M&S sessions have been few and far between. I will moisturize and seal my hair on Wash Day and fuhgettaboutit until the next Wash Day.

So the main takeaways are be careful with how I am handling my hair and actually set aside time to actually take care of it. Some have asked if the breakage was due to any of the products I use and my answer is no. Some have also suggested that I use protein to strengthen my hair and that is something that I have already implemented. Again, it all boils down to me and how I handle my hair.

How do you deal with breakage?

Feel free to share any tips!


  1. It takes a real "G" to admit that you haven't been handling your hair with as much caution and care as you really wanted to. I really really really suck at moisturizing and sealing unless I'm setting my hair in a certain style. If I'm not---my hair is usually in a high bun and there it stays until my next wash day *shame face* I need get my life right!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I think you are on the path to recovery, dear! Once I start seeing breakage, I tend to put the comb down completely. I quickly become the hair whisperer and listen to my hair. I touch it and listen for any crunchy sound. You know when you rake leaves during the end of the fall season, that's what my hair sounds like when it's too dry. Whenever that happens, I know my hair is at it's breaking point. I baggy my hair. I use the L.O.C method at night and re-moisturize my hair in the morning. Protein overload is what causes my hair to break. I hope that helps.

  3. I totally get you on the switching up the four sections because i'm noticing that too. You're on your way to recovery . I'm currently bagging my ends as i'm experiencing some dryness.