Monday, October 27, 2014

Battling Breakage| How I Finger Detangle

Ever since I have come clean about my breakage I have adopted a new practice---finger detangling. Its not as hard you get used to as you would think.

The first two steps in the art of finger detangling is to be patient and gentle--- don’t get frustrated when you get to a rough tangle in you hair.

Of course you should section your hair and for each of those larger sections you may have to divide them into smaller sections. Once you detangle a section twist it up or put it into a mini bun

Dry Hair

I make sure my hands are fully lubricated with my favorite oil mix. It makes it easy to tackle knots and tangles. I prefer to use an oil when detangling dry hair, when I apply conditioner on dry hair it tends to clump together which further complicates things for me.

Wet Hair

I don’t care to detangle my hair when its wet, but when I wash my hair sometimes it gets tangled. I just make sure I saturate the tangled section with one of my favorite co-wash conditioners and proceed to detangle using the pressure of the shower head which helps alot.

Do you prefer to finger detangle on dry hair or wet hair?


  1. I think I can only finger detangle when my hair is wet, but I don't do it much because I tend to get ssk unfortunately. I don't think I ever tried it with my hands being oiled though so I'll give it a shot; great post! :)

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    1. I hope you give it a try its much easier, my hair is really fragile when its wet so I try to stay away from wet detangling.

  2. I only detangle at the end of a week before washing, so I completely saturate my hair with an oil, finger then comb detangle then leave it overnight under a shower cap for a 'hot oil' treatment. If I can be bothered, I braid my hair into 2-6 so that it can't tangle when I wash it. I take the braids down after I've tshirt dried so it's easier.

    It definitely is all about patience! Sometimes I look at the clock and an hour has gone by with me stroking ('detangling') my hair...

    1. I definitely know what your talking about in your last statement!! It seems I can watch a whole episode of my favorite show (which usually lasts an hour) and still be on one section of my hair.