Monday, August 18, 2014

Review: Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar

Price: $7.85 (5.8 oz) at

Promise: A natural shampoo bar made with nourishing babassu oil, a great hair care oil for thick, coarse or kinky hair. Babassu oil moisturizes and restores hair strength and elasticity, for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Marsh mallow root softens, soothes and hydrates the hair and scalp, providing relief from scalp irritation. A natural moisturizer, marsh mallow helps detangle hair for increased manageability.

Ingredients: Organic Babassu Oil; Organic Sunflower Oil; Organic Coconut Oil; Organic Avocado Oil; Organic Jojoba Oil; Organic Mango Butter;  Water; Organic Shea Butter; Sodium Hydroxide; Organic Marsh Mallow Root; Organic Castor Oil; Organic Walnut Oil; Organic Aloe; Organic Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Ginger; Organic Rosemary Oil Extract

Many hair bloggers have been loving shampoo bars so I decided to Take the Plunge and give it a try. I love hair products that contain Marshmallow Root, its softening and its a lifesaver when it comes to detangling my hair. So of course I had to try this shampoo bar out! I’ve had it for a while but I wanted to use it many times and in different stages of my relaxer stretch so I could give a thorough review, so I apologize for all of you that were waiting for this review.

Shampoo bars are relatively easy to use and they last much longer than conventional shampoos. The scent is of the Babassu Mash Mallow Shampoo Bar is very--- herbal…earthy…. organic-smelling, hopefully you get the point. Its not something that I care for, but luckily it does not linger!  I was extremely hesitant about shampoo bars, what worried me the most is that I would be over-manipulating my hair by rubbing that bar against my strands, but this lathers literally with one to two strokes, so my worries were out the door, you can also just rub it in the palms of your hand to work up a lather (this is a better method because you probably don’t want shed hair sticking to your shampoo bar). 

I usually detangle my hair before I shampoo but I did notice that when you do get a good lather going that is where the slip from the marshmallow root comes in, but it does not stop there ladies! I also noticed that when I rinsed my hair out it felt a little “coated” but not in bad way. Have you ever tried to run your fingers through your hair after shampooing it? Girl, bye! Of course not, because you already know that it will probably end up getting tangled and then you’ll have a nightmare-ish detangling session. What if I told you that I could glide my fingers through my hair with minimal tangles? Not even that, what if I told you that I was able to glide my fingers through my new growth? With no conditioner on my fingers? At 13 weeks post!?! Yeah. I was shocked too.

Note: I only used this shampoo bar when washing my hair in the shower as you all know washing your hair in one direction and the pressure from the shower head can also reduce tangles. For some reason I think that was important to mention *shrugs*

I wouldn’t say my hair felt more moisturized, but it does soften the hair and makes it more manageable. It completely cleanses the hair without it feeling stripped, I usually can get by with one lather but even when I lathered twice my hair was not stripped. When I was first using this shampoo bar I was experiencing a very itchy scalp caused by an oil mix that went bad but using this cleared that up. 

I would say to try it out for yourself, as you all know, no two heads of hair are the same. As for me, I am  definitely going to keep this handy especially when I am deep into a relaxer stretch.


  1. This is such a wonderful review. I love the advice you give there because the same product that works on my hair type may not work on yours. Happy weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this review, Harlem! I've been wanting to try a shampoo bar, but still undecided on which to try first. I'm intrigued by the marshmallow root and the fact that you were able to run your fingers through your NG with ease! Now that's what I'm talking about. Definitely adding this to my "to try" list. Thanks girlie!