Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Wash Day

The double dose of tea rinses did a bit of help last week at keeping the excessive shedding at bay. I realize that I have been slacking a bit when it comes to moisturizing my hair so that may also have something to do with it. I started my Wash Day early---Sunday night. I was so happy that I finally got the Marshmallow Root powder I ordered in the mail and I wanted to try it out. It came just in time because my roots felt matted and crispy and at 7 weeks post, this is the time where detangling starts to become an issue.081
[1] Pre-poo: Parted my hair into 4 sections and lightly misted my hair with a mix of green tea, peppermint oil, lavender oil, glycerin and a spoonful on Marshmallow Root powder. I braided each section and off to bed I went. I woke up and sprayed some on my roots and applied coconut oil to my strands. Covered my hair with a plastic cap for an hour and rinsed
[2] Cleanse: I decided to try out the Babassu Marshmallow shampoo bar again. This time I opted to lather twice.
[3] Protein: Decided to give my hair a dose of protein with Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus left it one my hair for 5 minutes and rinsed
[4] Deep conditioner: Mixed the slightest bit of Marshmallow root powder with the rest of my As I Am Hydration Elation and put in my hair. Hydration Elation has some nice slip on its own but that Marshmallow root put it over the edge (yes, ladies you need it in your life A.S.A.P!). Covered my hair with a plastic cap for 45 minutes an rinsed with cool water.
[5] Leave-In: While my hair was still damp, I applied Carol’s Daughter Moisture Milk and my Oil Mix084
Now to the fun part…
I have been lusting for curls for a few weeks now and you ladies have been giving me life with your flexi rod sets, so I decided to try out some curls this week. I recently purchased some Curlformers, I mean the generic no name brand that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
Any whooo… I used a tad bit of Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and some Olive Oil Ecostyler gel to make sure it does not fuzz up when it dries and so it can “hold.” Out of the 40 curlformer ringlets I used 39 and it took me about an hour and a half to two hours to finish. I let them air dry for about 3 hours. I wanted to make sure  my hair was completely dry when I took them out (because sleeping in these babies was not an option) so I blow dried my hair on medium (this has been the only time that I wished I had a blow-dryer to sit under) and then took them out. I loved the curls that I achieved with them. Since I did not sleep in the curlformers, I pinappled my hair and the next day result was so-so. Tip for next time I use them is to use an actual product that ‘holds’ curls hopefully the style will last longer (any product suggestion ladies?). I will definitely be using the curlformers again, beautiful curls + stretched new growth= winning! Thanks again for your suggestions on last week’s post the protein treatment this week helped a lot!098
How was your most recent wash day?
Have you tired out Curlformers?
The Wash Day Experience


  1. I've never tried curlformers before but they're in my cart now! Your results were beautiful! I guess that a good setting lotion before installation might help.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. I've never tried culformers, I use flexirods, but they do look like something I would try out in the future, great post! I am so loving your curls!

    1. I'm gonna try flexi rods next only because it seems like it does not take a long time to put them in

  3. Replies
    1. thank you. I only wished they lasted more than 2 days

  4. Your hair looks so luscious! Being able to pineapple my hair is one of the luxuries that I cannot wait to be able to enjoy. P.S: you might need to take a break from the glycerine oil as it takes away moisture from the hair during hot seasons. Kisses!

    1. Thanks so much for the head's up.

  5. I love your curlies. I don't own curlformers yet. I thought about purchasing them many times but never committed. It just seems like my hairs would snap with trying to get them fed through the roller. Your curls are banging...yes, yes, yes they are!

    1. Yes, that was one thing I was worried about as well. You have to be really careful and work in small sections and make sure each section is detangled properly. It was easier for me to do the front part than it was the back.