Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Touch Up

I finally ended my relaxer stretch at 16 weeks, my longest stretch so far! I definitely surprised myself. I did not intend on stretching that long but as the weather warmed up, it became much easier to maintain my hair and keep it moisturized. I definitely think I could have held out for a few more weeks but oh well.
[1] I based my scalp with regular Blue Magic Hair Grease just to make sure my scalp did not get irritated

[2] Applied Dark and Lovely No-Lye Relaxer in regular strength. Application and smoothing time took about 25 minutes, which is longer than I would have like.

[3] Rinsed and applied Redken  Extreme Strength Builder Plus as a mid-relaxer protein treatment and let sit for about 10 minutes. I usually have great results with this but my hair felt really… strong, kinda stiff…  Well what I’m trying to say is that my hair felt kinda off after rinsing it out.

[4] Neutralized my hair 4 times with the shampoo provided in the kit.

[5] Applied Carol’s Daughter Hair Smoothie. covered my hair with a plastic cap and let it sit for about an hour and rinsed.

[6] For my leave-in I applied Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, applied my oil mix to my scalp and Organix Anti-breakage serum to my ends. I let my hair air dry about 80% before blow drying on low heat.

Although I am happy with the results, this touch up was bittersweet. Honestly, I really  miss my big, wild hair! I have no oomph. No volume. No nothing,  it just hangs there.  Even when I wore a braid out, its just not the same. I am definitely going to look into textlaxing my hair, because this bone straight thing is not for me. At. All. What I am extremely happy about is the condition of my hair and my ends. I have been on my hair journey for a year and it looks so much more healthier then when I started.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures. The first pic is before I trimmed my ends, and the second picture is after I trimmed my ends. I would say I cut about half an inch off of my hair. But its nice to see I am maintaining bra-strap length hair. 138
How far along are you in your hair journey?
Are you happy with the results you have achieved thus far?

The Wash Day Experience


  1. You can definitelty see that your hair is healthy. I feel my ultimate length would be BSL, but am sure it will change as soon as i get it.
    Ever since i started texlaxing my hair has definitely become thicker, now am having the issue of underprocessig more and more and feel like am 10 weeks post when am only 4! But definitely explore texlaxing if you want thicker hair. I am always scared after on relaxer day, although am happy to see my length and scared to see other things i might not have noticed throughout my stretch.
    Your hair is definitely long and healthy!

  2. I just put Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus on my wish list! Congrats on a great touch up. Texlaxing is fun---as long as you know that with volume and thickness comes tangles! LOL.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. A trick I learned from the stylist...if you comb your hair going forward (think Don King) and then comb it going backwards (back to its original position), it is said to create volume. Your hair looks great.
    Divachyk | Relaxed Thairapy

  4. Try wrapping your hair, that always gives me volume. Great relaxer day results.

  5. Your hair looks good!! I also used D&L for years, but after discovering ORS I'm not going back. D&L leaves quite a bit of calcium deposits, which is what leads to the stiff dry feeling straight after the touch up, and which also leads to the limp "just hanging there" look. I would suggest getting yourself a nice chelating shampoo, using that in your next wash day to rid yourself of the mineral deposits and then I would suggest a roller set instead of blow drying or even air drying. Viola! Bone straight hair but with oodles of volume!

  6. I loved my Soft Sheen Carson relaxer - my staple is the Optimum Care one - because it got my hair so straight and silky, but I definitely don't think they make relaxers that are good for texlaxers, like you my hair always came out super straight and I often had the same thoughts, dang, is it TOO straight?! LOL! Can't please me I guess!

  7. That's a good amount of hair that you trimmed. The last time I applied a relaxer by myself I burned my scalp. Kisses!