Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wash Day

This week I have been enjoying my straight hair and it has been really easy to maintain. I mostly wore it in a faux bob. Everytime I think about wearing my hair down I cringe at the thought of my ends rubbing on my clothing and possibly breaking off #hhjproblems

[1] Pre-poo: hot oil treatment using avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, and lavender oil. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and left it on for about an hour while I caught up on the latest episode of The Walking Dead

[2]Co-cleanser: Used a mix of Nexxus Therappe Shampoo, Coconut Oil, and Herpic monkey2bal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner to clean my hair

[3] Tea Rinse: Green Tea and peppermint oil. I let it sit on my hair for about 5 minutes then rinsed

[4] Deep Conditioner: Mixture of Hairitage Hydration Pink Grapefruit Punch and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle. I covered my hair with a plastic cap for about 2 hours and rinsed. This combo was EVERYTHING! My hair felt so soft and moisturized.

[5] Leave-ins: Sprayed my hair with ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea R estructurizer focusing on the line of demarcation and my ends, applied Sweet Nature by Eddie Dream Cream with MSM on my scalp only, Shea Moisture on my strands and sealed it al in with My Honey Child Honey Love Moisturizer…
Question: Is it bad to apply too many leave in products?

While my hair was still damp I put it in four ponytails and let it airdry. I woke up with soft, fluffilicious, and smooth hair! If this was not a Wash Day hit I don’t know what to tell you!

Things that helped this Wash Day: [1]Again, most of this wash day was spent in the shower which made detangling my hair a breeze and [2] using applicator bottles to apply my pre-poo, shampoo, and deep conditioner.

How was your Wash Day?

The Wash Day Experience


  1. I'm glad you had such a great wash day, lady! I am definitely gonna try a tea rinse sometime before the month is out. And my co-cleansing recipe needs a little tweaking, too!

    1. It takes a couple of times to perfect the co-cleanser. If I know I am using a crappy shampoo I use more oil and a great moisturizing conditioner. You'll be a co-cleanser pro in no time!

  2. I think you put the leave-ins in the right order. Great post.

  3. Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle as a deep conditioner. ** Ha-ha!

    Thanks for sharing your wash day experience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  4. Yayy to great, easy breezy wash days!

  5. Fluffilicious! You made may day!