Wednesday, March 12, 2014

MSM For Hair Growth

I used to take the supplements Biotin and MSM to aid in hair growth but after experiencing unsightly side effects I decided that having long, luxurious hair was simply not worth having a crater face.

While scrolling through some products reviews, I stumbled upon Sweet Nature by Eddie. What peaked my interests in her products is that she has a line that is infused with MSM. I really want to see if MSM applied topically is just as effective as taking it internally.


Although the moisturizer is for my hair, I am going to use it primarily on my scalp. I am going to use this product two to three times a week over the next three weeks and see if I can see any results.

It may have been a better idea to start after a touch up to see if I would get better, more clear results but hey… I am currently 7 weeks post. Here are some texture shots that will serve as BEFORE pictures.












The picture on the left is the texture of the top half of my hair and the picture on the right is a texture shot of the lower half of my hair.

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