Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Touch Up: The Good, The Bad, The UGLY

I was attempting to hold out for another week but decided to end my stretch because I felt I was over-manipulating my hair. Twist-outs were not working especially because it had been raining and humid these past two weeks, and before I could get to work I ended up looking like a poodle. But 11 weeks has been my longest stretch to date. I was so elated when I woke up on Monday morning to do my touch up, but the day did not go as planned.

The Good: I am not bald (yet)

The Bad: I ran out of relaxer doing my last quadrant of hair

The Ugly: A good portion of that quadrant is not relaxed, therefore I am not relaxed! I can feel my roots reverting in my sleep >_<

The Breakdown:

[1] I used Dark & Lovely relaxer. I did not measure it correctly therefore when I got to the last quadrant I tried to stretch out as much relaxer as I had and tried to smooth like my life depended on it to no avail. After that I. Was. TOO. THROUGH! I had no choice but to wash it out.

[2] I applied Silk Keratin Serum for 7 minutes

[3] Neutralized 4 times using Optimum Advanced Keratin and Recovery Neutralizing Shampoo

[4] Tea Rinse using a mixture of Lady Grey and Green Tea

[5] Applied my deep conditioner on top of my tea saturated hair. My DC mix was a little off as well

[6] I applied the moisturizer that came with the relaxer and sealed it in with Organix Coconut Milk Anti-breakage Serum

After I flat ironed my hair I realized it wasn’t that bad. But is there a way I can fix this issue? I don’t know any hair stylists and I have no time to consult with one. I Googled “corrective relaxer” and got freaked out by what I read. HELP!!!

DSCN5422 DSCN5425

At least my trim came out okay.

I was tempted to grab my brother’s clippers and shave myself bald and get it over with. But I calmed myself down and told myself this is all apart of the Journey.


  1. You are right, STAY CALM!!! I totally get how you feel, I wanted to just shave everything off after my last disaster of a haircut by the hands of a stylist. Although this is the part of the journey that no one wants to go through we must pick ourselves up and move on.

  2. Yes, yes, yes. No drastic movements or decisions. Do yo have a game plan for dealing with the under processed section? Your hair looks great though so kudos!
    Divachyk @Relaxed Thairapy

    1. when I looked up corrective relaxers I saw on one of the forums to wait at least 6 weeks and to treat my hair with protein to keep the line of demarcation strong, so for now, that is the plan

  3. First, your hair looks amazing! I love the color. Second, the underprocessed section might not be that bad. Wait a few weeks and see what happens. I severely underprocessed the back half of my hair in July and it really hasn't been that difficult to maintain the textures.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. *sigh of relief* that is what I have been worrying about. The underprocessed section is actually in the front, so half of my bang will be straight and the other part won't. I have been keeping up my daily m&s sessions and I was thinking about washing my hair every other week to cut down on manipulating that part of my hair. but htank you all for you input.