Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hair & The Working Girl Diaries

Part 2: Overcoming Workplace Hair Pressures

Co-worker:”Are you Natural?!?”

Me: “No… 0_o”

Since beginning my job, I have felt a lot of pressure to straighten my hair. FYI I work in a place where the majority of the women are weaved up, wigged out, or have extensively damaged hair. I have been asked on TWO different occasions if I was natural. One of my coworkers was shocked when I said no, the other somehow completely understood my hair journey without me even mentioning it. I have been rocking twist-outs because it is very convenient and easy to maintain. It cuts out the time that I spend doing my hair before work and it gets me into my bed faster at night—and you cannot beat that! So how do you overcome hair pressures at work?? I try to remember these simple rules:

RULE#1:Stay true to yourself! Don’t feel pressure to do something just because everyone else around you is doing it.

RULE#2: You are not obligated to explain yourself to anyone!

Co-worker: “Girl, you need to perm those nappy roots! Why don’t you get a perm already?!”

Nasty Voice in my Head: “RUDE!!!”

I always remind myself that I am on MY hair journey for ME! End.Of.Story. I do not have to explain why nor do I care if someone understands or not.

*I’ll be sure to whip my hurr (EXTRA HARD) in that pesky co-workers face when I touch up my roots :)*

RULE#3: “Remember from whence you came.” This is one of my favorite lines from FancyFlairLady and its become my personal mantra. I have made soooo much progress in my hair journey that my results amaze me everyday and I would not want to do anything that would cause me to have a setback. That little phrase and my results is what keeps me a truckin’ on my journey.

Have you experienced any hair pressures while on your journey? Tell me about it!



  1. Hey doll! I know that you're super busy with your new job (Congrats btw!) but *tada* I nominated you for the Liebster award! I can't wait to learn more about you!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate it! I am currently editing the post.