Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hot App!

In the world of smartphones and tablets there is an app for just about everything. If you are beginning a hair journey of your own but don’t want to dedicate your time to journaling or blogging or if you are just a busy mom with a household full of tresses to keep track of and maintain you can download this helpful app, Hair Journal, from the iTunes app store.

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2

Hair Journal allows you to create multiple profiles if needed so you can keep track of more than one mane at a time. This app isn’t just for relaxed heads, you can customize your profile whether relaxed, natural, or even texlaxed. It also allows you to set and keep track of your hair goals as well as the products you use. You can also store your photos so you can keep track of your hair journey. I love that this app is easy to use and with a busy lifestyle it is nice to have things at the tip of your fingers, literally. I recommend the version that costs 99 cents, you can store as many products as you like and can create an unlimited amount of profiles.

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