Monday, July 29, 2013

Regimen Improvements!

With my recent relaxer touch-up I have began to think of ways to improve my regimen to help maximize hair growth.

  1. Increase dosage of Biotin and MSM: These are the vitamins that I have been taking daily to increase the growth rate of my hair. I am currently taking 1000mcg of Biotin and 500mg of MSM. Since I have not had any negative side effects of the vitamins I feel like it is safe enough for me to increase the dosage of Biotin to 2000mcg and 1500mg of MSM.
  2. Continue to minimize the usage of heat: I have been doing great with not using heat so if I keep it up, I will have healthier hair.
  3. Keep up with protective styles: This too has contributed to minimizing heat use. I have been putting my hair into a low bun and throwing a cap on my head and I am good to go!
  4. Watch HOW and WHEN I manipulate my hair: I know you ladies know how long and tedious Wash Days can be but sometimes my hands get a little itchy to hurry up and get the process over with after I rinse the deep conditioner out of my hair. Plus, I know how susceptible to breakage hair is when it is wet. Do you ladies have any tips on how to minimize manipulation?
  5. Get in the habit of moisturizing and sealing(M&S) more frequently: I usually M&S when my hair feels/looks dry but that may not be enough. I need to get into the habit of M&S my hair at least every other day. If I do that then I can sneak some scalp massages in! ;)

Side Note: I need to find more products that fit my budget! It is easy to go on these other hair blogs and try to mimic their regimen by buying the same products or jump up and buy the hot new hair products but I need to stay true to myself but most importantly I need to stay true to my pocketbook!! Ladies I am currently on the hunt for a new daily  hair moisturizer, do you have any suggestions, preferably something with no petroleum or mineral oil and under $10??


  1. Eden body works has some nice ones, maybe you can give them a try if you haven't yet.

    1. I appreciate the tip, I just checked out their website and the products look pretty good. I think I want to try their JojOba Monoi Hair Milk. Do you recommend any particular product?