Monday, July 29, 2013

On The Prowl

Hey ladies as you all know I am on the hunt for a new daily moisturizer for my hair. I love, love, love Soultanicals Knot Sauce but it does hurt my pocketbook a little. I have been looking all over and I know a lot of you have been on this hair journey longer than me so I definitely need your help.

I only have three musts when it comes to the moisturizer: it has to be water-based, inexpensive (meaning under ten bucks) and I don’t want it to contain any mineral oil or petroleum.

I have already tried (and hated) Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave-In Cream and I am not a fan of ORS Olive Oil hair moisturizer to name a few.

Do you have any suggestions?

Wash Day

July 27, 2013

Hello Ladies!

This week’s Wash Day is dedicated to moisture. For some reason my hair feels like I did not even relax my hair. And I am still on the hunt for a good, inexpensive water-based moisturizer with no mineral oil… is that asking to much? LOL!

Pre-poo: Overnight pre-poo with TRESseme conditioner

Shampoo: Shampooed twice using my generic Nexxus

Tea Rinse: Used one chamomile tea bag and a mint medley tea bag that contains peppermint, spearmint, rosehips, lemon peel, and hibiscus. I put a plastic shower cap on and let it sit on my hair for 8 minutes.

Deep Conditioner: Applied L’Oreal Damage- Erasing Balm wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and a shower cap and left it on for 1 hour.

Leave-In: I first applied Proclaim Tea Tree Leave-In and then I let it air dry about 50%. Next, I applied Soultanicals Knot Sauce to my scalp, length and ends. Then I applied Organix Anti- Breakage Serum.

Once my hair was about 70% dry I put my hair into 4 cornrows. My hair feels extra moisturized after this wash day. How was your wash day??

Regimen Improvements!

With my recent relaxer touch-up I have began to think of ways to improve my regimen to help maximize hair growth.

  1. Increase dosage of Biotin and MSM: These are the vitamins that I have been taking daily to increase the growth rate of my hair. I am currently taking 1000mcg of Biotin and 500mg of MSM. Since I have not had any negative side effects of the vitamins I feel like it is safe enough for me to increase the dosage of Biotin to 2000mcg and 1500mg of MSM.
  2. Continue to minimize the usage of heat: I have been doing great with not using heat so if I keep it up, I will have healthier hair.
  3. Keep up with protective styles: This too has contributed to minimizing heat use. I have been putting my hair into a low bun and throwing a cap on my head and I am good to go!
  4. Watch HOW and WHEN I manipulate my hair: I know you ladies know how long and tedious Wash Days can be but sometimes my hands get a little itchy to hurry up and get the process over with after I rinse the deep conditioner out of my hair. Plus, I know how susceptible to breakage hair is when it is wet. Do you ladies have any tips on how to minimize manipulation?
  5. Get in the habit of moisturizing and sealing(M&S) more frequently: I usually M&S when my hair feels/looks dry but that may not be enough. I need to get into the habit of M&S my hair at least every other day. If I do that then I can sneak some scalp massages in! ;)

Side Note: I need to find more products that fit my budget! It is easy to go on these other hair blogs and try to mimic their regimen by buying the same products or jump up and buy the hot new hair products but I need to stay true to myself but most importantly I need to stay true to my pocketbook!! Ladies I am currently on the hunt for a new daily  hair moisturizer, do you have any suggestions, preferably something with no petroleum or mineral oil and under $10??

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Relaxer Day

July 12, 2013

It has been 9 weeks and 6 days and I have finally made it to the end of my stretch. I relaxed my hair a day early because I have an important meeting on Saturday.

My go-to relaxer kit is Dark & Lovely Healthy Gloss 5 No-Ly Relaxer in Regular strength. I am  not going to go step-by-step on how I applied my relaxer because you all know how to do it. I will say that I went a little over my desired relaxer time because it took a while for me to apply the relaxer, but I had no breakage or burns so that is good.

After I rinsed out the relaxer I applied Silk Keratin Serum that came with the kit to strengthen my hair. I left it on my hair for 8 minutes and then rinsed it out. I then neutralized my hair in sections 3 times.

After the final rinse I applied Organix Hydrating Keratin Masque along with some of the conditioner that came with the kit. I put a plastic bag on my hair and then covered it with a shower cap and left it on for about 45 minutes and rinsed my hair out and detangled it while in the shower. I covered my hair with an old t-shirt to soak up the excess water for 10 minutes.

Next step, I moisturized my hair and scalp by applying Soultanicals Knot Sauce and sealed it in with Organix Anti-Breakage Serum. I then let my hair air dry about 70% then I blow dried the rest on medium heat. Since I have not trimmed my hair since my last relaxer I trimmed about half an inch to an inch off *sad face*

*Please excuse the picture quality, my camera is broken and I had to use my crappy phone to take pictures*

These are BEFORE I trimmed…


And after…


So I think I was a little scissor happy and it looks as though I am back to shoulder length hair :( but I guess its good as long as its healthy.

Tip for next touch up: Don’t leave the relaxer on for too long!

Overall, I am quite please at the results, better yet, I made it through my first relaxer stretch. I am going to try to go for 12 weeks next time which will be October 4, 2013.

Let the journey continue…





Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wash Day

Hey ladies,

You know what time of the week it is! I have also decided that next week I will go ahead as planned with my touch up. I don’t know why but for some reason the approaching relaxer day is bitter sweet. On hand I am excited that I reached my goal and that I will be able to see my results but on the other hand I am extremely nervous because I know that I will have to trim some of my hair off :( I guess next time I will try to push for 12 weeks. This wash day I focused on providing moisture to my new growth.

Pre-Poo: None

Shampoo: I used my generic Nexxus for my first wash and then I used a sample packet of L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo for my second wash I let it sit on my hair for about 3 minutes before rinsing it out

Tea Rinse: Used 2 tea bags of Green Tea. Wrapped my hair with two plastic bags and let it sit for 20 minutes and then I rinsed it out

Deep Conditioner: Used L’Oreal Damage- Erasing Balm on new growth and TRESseme on length and ends and sealed with safflower oil. I then wrapped my hair with two plastic bags and covered it with a shower cap and let it sit on my hair for 2 hours.

Leave-In: To provide some strength to my new growth I sprayed ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer to my hair

Moisturize & Seal: I used my fave Soultanicals Knot Sauce on my scalp and the length of my hair.  I put Organix Anti-Breakage serum on my ends. I also tried out Hairitage Hydration Silk n’Aloe Cream for the first time, it is very thick so I decided to use that on my scalp as well as seal in all the moisture on the ends of my hair.

I applied Smooth Shine Polishing Silk n"’Sleek on the 3 sections of my hair I blow dried my hair on low about 80%.

Wash Day

June 29, 2013

This Wash Day could not come soon enough, my hair and scalp was feeling dry and icky. This week I officially began a “regular” workout regimen and my hair has been taking a beating because of it. It is very hard to maintain and take care of my new growth and workout at the same time, but I have been managing. My go to workout hairstyle is a low bun or four braids. I am about two weeks away from my touch up but I am still debating whether I want to push it back two additional weeks. Here is how this weeks wash day went.

Pre-poo: None

Shampoo: Since I am weeks away from my touch up I decided to use Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo to get rid of any build up and prep my hair for my touch up.

Tea Rinse: None

Deep Condition: L’Oreal Damage- Erasing Balm on new growth and TRESseme on Length.

Leave- In: ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer on new growth Proclaim Tea Tree Leave In conditioner on length and ends.

Moisturize and Seal: Soultanicals Knot Sauce and Coconut Oil on scalp and length and sealed with Organix Anti-Breakage Serum on ends.

This week I wanted to see how far I have come lengthwise. When my hair was about 70% dry I decided to blow dry it the rest of the way.DSCN5319

APRIL 11, 2013



The picture on the left was taken April 11, 2013 and the picture on the right was taken June 29, 2013. As you can tell my hair has grown but I know when I get my touch up I am going to have to at least cut about an inch or more to even my hair out :( I know, I know, its sad but I have to let it go so I can get rid of the damaged ends. I am on my way to healthier hair and I am very happy about that.

Wash Day

June 22, 2013

Hello Ladies,

I am a little over a month post relaxer and this new growth is poppin’. This week I was not so good to my hair, I wanted to try some cute protective styles which led to me manipulating my hair a bit too much for my liking. I tried the Bantu Knot out which did not come out like I wanted so I just ended up combing it out—- Ouch, right! That is a big no, no when it is this far post relaxer. Not to mention, I finally learned how to cornrow (and it only took me 24 years)! I was so happy, I tried to put a few braids in my hair. I was a little bit successful, but then I realized that I had too much hair for an inexperienced braider. But I did have fun braiding my mother’s hair.

Pre-poo: This week I am giving my new growth some extra lovin’ in the form of moisture. I started off my putting my hair into four sections and then I detangled each section. I put TRESseme conditioner on my new growth as if I were doing a touch up to my hair. I then put safflower oil on the length and the ends of my hair. I put a plastic cap on and then my head scarf and let it sit over night.

Shampoo: I washed my hair in sections using the generic version of Nexxus Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo.

Tea Rinse: Used a tea mix that contained chickweed, red clover, parsley, fennel, cinnamon, alfalfa, peppermint, and orange peel. I sprayed into the four sections of my hair. Put a plastic bag and a plastic cap over my head and let the tea sit for about 7 minutes.

Deep Conditioner: I added protein to this week’s wash by using Organix Hydrating Keratin Masque. I put a shower cap on and let it sit for an hour.

Leave- In: Used my Proclaim Tea Tree Leave- In conditioner.

M&S (moisturize and seal): Used Soultanicals Knot Sauce on scalp and length and Organix Anti- Breakage Serum

How was your wash day?