Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wash Day

Oh my, I am so late ladies, its almost hump day and I have yet to write about the weekend’s wash day. This week I was debating whether to wash my hair or just hold off until next weekend. I felt like my hair was in such good shape, I had little to no shedding and breakage throughout the week. That was partly due to me sporting 4 braids all week. But I said “you know how your hair got in good shape? You have been taking care of it and sticking to your regimen.” So I just went ahead and washed it. Plus your girl is sporting up to a half an inch of new growth in some places so that was extra motivation to keep it up and take care of my new growth. This week’s wash day seemed relatively short. I got sample packets of John Frieda Full Repair so I decided to use them but there was not enough product in the packets so I ended up using my staple wash day products.DSCN5226

Overnight pre-poo: L’Oreal Damage-Erasing balm on new growth and ends, Grapeseed oil on length and ends

Shampoo: John Frieda Full Repair Shampoo, had to use my generic Nexxus shampoo because there was not enough sample in the packet

Tea Rinse: Used a tea mix that contained fennel, parsley, alfalfa, peppermint, cinnamon, orange peel, red clover, and chickweed

Conditioner: Mixed John Frieda Regular Conditioner with John Frieda Hydrate+Rescue Deep Conditioner. Again, there was not enough product in the sample packets so I mixed in my L’Oreal Damage-Erasing Balm. I put a shower cap on for an hour and thirty minutes and rinsed out

Leave In: To maintain protein/ moisture balance I sprayed ApHogee Green Tea & Keratin Restructurizer

Moisture: When my hair was 70% dry I added Soultanicals Knot Sauce to my scalp and length and sealed in the moisture with Organix Anti-Breakage Serum. Then I put my hair into four braids.

Anyway I hope everyone’s wash day was also successful.

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