Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wash Day

Hey ladies, you know what time of the week it is. Today was a very long wash day. Yesterday I was supposed to do an overnight pre-poo but that did not happen so I just did it this morning.

Pre-poo Cheapie conditioner and grapeseed oil. My cheapie condish is just a lot of left over conditioners mixed in to one bottle :)I covered my hair with a plastic bag and cap then took a shower. The pre-poo was on my hair for about 45 minutes



Shampoo Used my generic Nexxus Shampoo, washed hair 2X. Dried with t-shirt for 15 minutes

Tea Rinse Used two types of tea, Lipton and something else(it was a black tea). I sprayed the tea into the 4 sections of my hair. I then covered my hair with a plastic bag and cap and left it on my head for about 10 minutes and rinsed. I dried my hair with a t-shirt for about 10 minutes


Deep Conditioner Used a mixture of my regular Tresseme condish and Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO). Covered my head with a plastic bag and cap and let it sit for 1 hour and 45 minutes and then rinsed. Dried with t-shirt for 20 minutes

Leave-In While my hair was still damp I sprayed my hair with ApHogee to add some protein and allowed my hair to dry about 60%. I then used Soultanicals Knot Sauce for moisture and to help detangle my hair. I sealed in the moisture with the Organix Anti-Breakage Serum and JBCO.

In the wee hours this morning I was looking at YouTube videos and decided to try out a new hairstyle, The Twist Out. So while my hair was still damp I added twists into my hair. I’ll get to see the results tomorrow. Hope it comes out nicely.

Hope your wash day went well :)


  1. Do you see a difference when using tea rinses?

    1. Yeah, I noticed that there is a lot less shedding and breakage when it comes time to detangle my hair. But be sure to condition your hair after the tea rinse because it has a tendency to make your hair feel hard.