Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Incorporating Supplements for Hair Growth

Many women wish for long healthy hair, but a lot of them don’t want to put in the work to get it. Many women on healthy hair journey’s have turned to using supplements to promote hair growth; Biotin and MSM are two of the most popular products and many hair supplements contain these two ingredients. I have decided to try them out, but before I did I made sure to research these products. Please note that I am not a doctor.

Biotin is also known as Vitamin B7. It is produced naturally in the intestine and is also found in my of the foods that we eat such as leafy green vegetables, eggs, and liver. Adults need only about 30mcg of Biotin and usually attain  it in their diets. Biotin is said to not only renew follicles and roots that are already growing but also results in healthy skin and nails.

MSM or methylsulfonylmethane provides sulfur which is said to be an important component to hair. MSM has been shown to lengthen the growing phase of the hair cycle. MSM is usually taken by patients who have bone and joint conditions, but it can treat a variety of other conditions such as PMS and stretch marks.


Both of these products come in a variety of dosages so if you are thinking about trying these make sure you either consult with your doctor or start with a low dosage. With all of the great benefits of both of these products remember that all medicine comes with side effects. Women who have taken Biotin have complained of mild to severe acne breakouts. Women taking MSM have complained about it disrupting their menstrual cycle as well as giving them weird dreams.

I have been taking Biotin and MSM for almost a month. The first thing I noticed is the health of my nails. Before, my nails would always break when they get to a certain length but now they are much stronger. I then noticed that my upper and lower eyelashes seemed to be much longer, nothing drastic but enough for me to tell they were longer especially when I applied mascara. I cannot exactly pinpoint the growth of my hair to my taking Biotin and MSM because I started taking the supplement about two weeks after my touch-up, but I do have about a half an inch of growth in some places. As far as the side effects, I have not had any breakouts but then again I am taking a pretty low dosage of each. I used to take two 500mg MSM, but then I started suffering from insomnia so I cut the dose down to one and have not had any problems ever since.

Again, before taking any medicine consult with your doctor.

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