Thursday, June 6, 2013

Embrace [NEW] Growth

Before I started this journey every time I saw new growth I immediately said “Whelp, it’s almost time for a touch up!” But with all of the knowledge and tips I have gained I don’t grab for the nearest relaxer kit at the sight of nappy edges and roots. These last couple of days new growth has popped up in the form of cute little coils and I have become obsessed with them! My coils are especially happy when it is time to moisturize my hair, that is when they really spring into action. The texture is so different from my relaxed hair so I enjoy running my fingers through them. No, I am not planning on going natural anytime soon and I don’t know how I am going to feel a couple more weeks into this relaxer stretch but for now I love them. I guess before I was not looking at my new growth as a positive thing, but now I am completely happy when my natural hair pops out. So ladies, no need to shriek at the sight of nappy roots, just embrace them. It means you are doing something right in your journey.



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