Sunday, May 5, 2013

Steps to Healthier Hair (Now)!

After reading my favorite blog I have made a few changes to my normal hair regimen. I used to wash my hair about every two weeks or whenever my combs get unbearably dirty but now I am trying my best to wash it every week, I have no excuse, right, of course it's an all day thing and other women have to do the same thing as well, so just suck it up. I did condition my hair and leave it on for a good length of time, I don't have a heat cap but now I wrap my conditioned hair in a plastic bag and then put a shower cap on it and I leave it on there for about 30 minutes. I am also a slave to the flat iron which I am trying to cut out. I have not had a relaxer in about a month and for one week I have been trying to wear protective styles, and I have only been flat ironing my bang. I give my "kitchen" and my temple hairs a quick swipe with the flat iron if they look a little nappy. And I have been letting my hair air dry as usual. 
I am African American woman and have been brought up to use grease and pink lotion to moisturize my hair but I only used them when needed, I am really trying to cut the use of grease out and moisturize my hair with oils instead. I noticed when I moisturized my scalp with grease it weighs my hair down and for some reason it seems to get dirty faster, and I cannot stand the sticky texture of the grease, oils seem so much lighter and better capable of penetrating my scalp. I did recently purchase Jamaican black castor oil and I usually use Blue Magic Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner, so I have been mixing the two and heating them so the resulting product is an oil and applying it to my scalp  every other night.

What I am doing now is researching hair care products that I might need and hair tips as well.

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