Friday, May 17, 2013

My First Hair Challenge!

    So here we go. So if you do not know, Long Hair Care Forum is this go to place if you are on a healthy hair journey. This site is full of women on the same mission as you! It has great hair product reviews and much more. Today when I was looking at the site I ran into a Hair Care Challenge. These challenges are all about being healthy and doing healthy things to promote hair growth. The challenge is called "12 inches in 12 months- 2013." Here are the rules courtesy of fancypants007.

1. Scalp massages everyday as well as moisturizing everyday 
2. Protective styles/low manipulation styles at at least 3-5 days out of the week.
3. No heat until April 30, 2014.*Exceptions for special occasions. Only use heat if you have to.
4. Mild exercise often, this could be in the form of a brisk walk daily. Alter/cater for your wants/needs.
5. Incorporate baggying method nightly/week
6. Only get trims when necessary and if so use the "search and destroy" method.
7. Moisturize and seal everyday.
8. Whenever you shampoo, co-wash and deep conditioning, pre-poo if you must (particularly coconut oil to reduce swelling), make sure to detangle
9. In the winter month when wearing hats, wear either a silk bonnet underneath the hat OR have silk lining in the hat to protect hair.
10. Sleep with a silk or satin scarf every night or a silk pillowcase and/or both!
11. Drink a lot of water. Water allows the nutrients to circulate throughout your body.
12 Eat a healthy and BALANCED diet. Make sure to try and incorporate many fruits and vegetables a day. Some foods that really promote hair growth: fish (omega 3 fatty acids), eggs (omega three fatty acids), oranges (full of vitamin c), nuts (particularly almonds which strengthen hair and produces a shine), carrots (full of vitamin A and makes hair shiny), broccoli (calcium), spinach, bananas (full of biotin), meat/fish (protein), etc. As for vegetables, even if you don't like them now, your taste buds will adapt to the tastes and you may start to love them!
13. Take a daily multi-vitamin.
14. Use a growth aid e.g CastorOil/JBCO etc 
15. Reduce stress. Don't worry, be happy! Yoga, meditation, relaxing, simply reduce it because it can slow down hair growth. SLEEP. SMILE. BREATHE - scalp massages in #1 can help!
16. If you are relaxed/texlaxed/transitioning, try your best to stretch your relaxers to as long as you feel is reasonable. Simply try to keep your hair in the best shape possible.
17. Every day, say a positive affirmation about yourself to motivate yourself. If you believe, YOU ARE.
18. Every two months (end of that month) do a length check to see how you are coming along.*
19. Every month simply post on the wall on how you're doing, how much growth you have had etc
20. Last but not least, we are a community, come back to this post as often as possible to offer/seek support, post any new tips/finds and positive motivational comments

Okay so I am ready! I will try to abide to most of the rules:
- I will massage my scalp and moisturize everyday
-Monitor my water intake
-Try out the baggying method
-Do protective styles everyday. Use minimal heat
-Continue to follow my regimen on Wash Day
- I need to exercise and watch what I eat
-Scarf (check)
-Need to find a multivitamin 
-JBCO (check)

Current Length- Arm Pit Length (APL)
Goal- Mid- Back Length (MBL)

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